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Achieve SEO Results Like You've Never Accomplished Before

Learn to dominate Google search results with multiple positions

Local Surge v2 Training Module

Learn to create a Local Surge from scratch through our in-depth, step-by-step webinar lessons. (This would take you over 100 hours to develop yourself). Access the new Local Surge v2.1 training and documentation.

Weekly Webinars

Alternating between Q&A and Lessons.

Perfect Schema Templates

Advanced schema that is guaranteed to prevent entity pollution while creating a very strong foundation to build from.

Website Technical and SEO Audit Template

Get our comprehensive 82-point audit template and over-the-shoulder lessons to expertly complete every step.

Access to All Previous Webinar Recordings

Over 90 hours of knowledge at your finger tips

Private Community Access

Join our invite only, private members only area.

Free Schema Markup

Get 3 Schema Markups Done-For-You

Access to Entity Elevation Materials and Updates

Get the most up to date course information.

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Member Success Stories

Dominate your SERP from great people who care

Glen Grimditch says... I have incredible praise for both of them [Clinton and Daryl] and their company.

Daryl gave an incredible presentation called, "Dominating your market with a Local Surge." The Local Surge allows your company take over nearly all the spots on Google's front page. I was thinking how is this possible.

Quite frankly, I was dumbfounded and my curiousity was piqued to the core. So I joined Entity Elevation.

If you want to learn correct SEO, how to dominate your SERP from great people who care, then this is the group to join.

It's hands down been the best money I've spent.

Ken Peluso says... If you are really looking to learn SEO, some things that can really move the needle and declutter... you want to work with these guys.

I've seen benefits almost immediately.

From flat and kinda working to making some things jump from middle of the pack to first page.

If you're on the fence, jump in.

No PBNs, no paid backlinks, just smart entity-based seo

Ken Peluso says... Ive been putting a lot of work in on this one for some time. Things were slow going for a bit and then I paired up some CTR insights I got coupled with the updated "Surge". If you're here but haven't bought into Entity SEO.......





I helped them generate around 2.9M in revenue

Tim Edwards says... I recently popped into position 3 for a "one million" searches a month keyword. As you can see, I was already ranking for a keyword with more than 500K searches per month.

If you dont know about Entity Based SEO, you probably wont be able to duplicate my results. I guarantee you that my success is not based upon PBNs, guest posts or any type of purchased backlinks.

If you are not ranking in the top 3 for keywords with over 500K searches per month, you need to learn about Entity Based SEO. This site is in the Medical niche.

This is a client site with incentive bonuses built in when I first made the proposal. With the goals I have already hit it is a very nice customer to work with. 


Entity Elevation Training Modules

Learn at your own pace with these guides, checklists, procedures, documents and over-the-shoulder videos.

(Lifetime Access to this Training)

Module 1 - Business Entity Assessment Training

Expertly assess the health of your business

Value - $500

A comprehensive checklist and detailed video training that will save you hours researching and testing to understand what beneficial or toxic elements are related to your entity so you can achieve strong, lasting results with less effort.

Any time you need to understand the health of your business, you will leap into action with a sense of confidence, knowing full well that your efforts will have more impact on the SEO work you do.

Module 2 - Perfect Schema Templates

Transform your basic schema templates into supercharged traffic magnets

Value - $1000

This collection will completely transform your templates to genius-level while also saving you time with a simple, step-by-step copy & paste format.

You’ll implement schema quicker while achieving better search results for more competitive keywords in less time.

Perfect Schema Templates You'll Receive

  • Local Business
  • Organization
  • Product
  • Audio
  • Image
  • Video
  • FAQ
  • How-To
  • Category Page
  • Service
  • QA Page

Module 3 - Website Health and SEO Audit Training

Quickly and Effortlessly identify issues on your website with Expert Efficiency

Value - $1500

Using a website assessment scorecard with over-the-shoulder video training you will understand every critical aspect of the technical health and SEO performance

Easily reduce 10 hours of fumbling through your site into less than 1 hour of effortless discovery so you spend more time improving and implementing, and less time diagnosing.

Module 4 - Entity Establishment Kit

Solve your biggest SEO Hurdles to promoting your business on the internet

Value - $250

This collection of our best documents address many of the biggest questions and uncertainties when starting to work with your business as a unique, well-defined, distinguishable entity

You will significantly reduce the chance for error and mitigate the possibility of creating toxic connections to your business when implementing the relationships for your entity

You’ll understand with absolute certainty the what, where and when for establishing your business as a powerful entity that demands to be seen by your prospective customers

Free Bonus Included

Local Business Growth Secrets

Learn to Implement Powerful Secrets That Most Businesses Don't Know Exist

Value - $500

This four component module includes some truly powerful gems that almost no business does. It's crazy that these are so neglected!

Killer Schema Markup Secrets - Learn to implement some incredibly powerful elements that, with near absolutely certainty, your competitors aren’t using

Voice Search Optimization Training - You'll get the best techniques for incorporating voice search optimization into your schema. This is a highly neglected area of SEO that easily fits the definition of "low hanging fruit"

Guide to Complete GMB Optimizations - Learn to completely optimize your GMB by completing fields that are either missed or dismissed by business owners.

How to Claim Your Brand's Knowledge Panel - Discover how to quickly and very easily claim the knowledge panel for your brand so you have as much control as possible over what is being shown for your business.

Entity Elevation Training Webinars & Recordings

With over 50 hours of training videos and recordings, you'll become a top 1% for Schema and Entity SEO

(Access is Limited to Active Memberships)

Training with Daryl - Schema, SEO, Entities, GMBs and More

Learn How every aspect builds your entity

Daryl's training brings aspects of SEO together that the vast majority of digital marketers don't even know exist.

You'll learn the basics of SEO such as optimizing your website, GMB and supporting profiles. Then you can dive into more advanced elements of SEO such as schema, datasets, and entities.

Ultimately you'll learn the complete process to build our proprietary Local Surge product that we utilize to achieve multiple rankings for a single keyword search result. (This is the complete training for what was taught at SEO Rockstars 2021 and in Michael Bowes group).

Training with Clinton - Core Web Vitals, Audits, Web Design, and More

Learn to acheive unmatched Performance

Clinton's training encompasses a wide variety of topics. All combine to provide a strong foundation to build your entity SEO from.

You'll learn to optimize your website performance, improve the conversion of your website traffic and much more.

Achieving success in SEO is much more than optimizing keywords and building backlinks. Clinton provides with you with the knowledge and tools to reach that successful campaign.

Q&A Webinars

Ask questions on any topic in digital marketing

Member lead webinar with the content based on questions on any topics. 

These are no holds barred sessions where many significant gems have been shared. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course just webinars or is there more?

There are two parts to Entity Elevation.

One part has templates, over-the-shoulder training videos, documents and more. Access to these resources are available for the lifetime of Entity Elevation (over two years and counting with no end in sight). The resources are regularly updated which you will have access to always.

The other part are the webinar recordings which is a significant part of the training. Occasionally a new member expected training videos instead of a webinar based training approach. However, they have ALL changed their thoughts after they realize how in-depth the topics are that we discuss. Your access to these webinars and recordings are available for as long as you are a paid member.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You will still retain access to the perfect schema templates, website audit training, business entity assessment training and entity establishment kit (including the bonuses).

However, you will no longer have access to the webinars or the webinar recordings.

Is there Training on Rich Snippets?

Absolutely! A large part of the training revolves around entities and schema which play a significant role on how to obtain a Google Rich Snippets.

We have explored many of the Rich Snippet types such as:

  • Image carousels
  • Videos and key moments
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • And more
Do you teach how to obtain a Knowledge Panel?

A significant part of getting a knowledge panel is establishing the entity of a business so yes, we do.

The entity SEO elements that we teach provide the very foundation you need to obtain and even expand your knowledge panel.

I don't know much about SEO, is this program for me?

Our training style works for anyone wanting to improve their SEO knowledge. Whether you're just learning about SEO or are a grizzled veteran, there is plenty to learn.

Obviously if you are new to SEO, you have a LOT to catch up on. The beauty about Entity Elevation is that you will start you learning with an incredibly strong foundation to build from.

Do you teach how to build/get backlinks?

This is difficult to answer because it isn't Yes or No. 

We don't teach any of the "traditional" backlinking methods as, quite frankly, we don't find the need for them in most situations.

However, our training is not just about optimizing a single website. It's about creating multiple profiles and supporting elements that build an entity. This invariably creates backlinks to the primary website. So in that sense, we do create backlinks.

Meet the Entity Elevation Team

Hi, I'm Daryl Osborne

Originally, I ran a successful IT company. Yeah, I was a techhead. But I got to work with the upper-tier IT support for a large public company. And you know what? It was really unfulfilling. I was heavily involved in other groups, working with some of the very best in the industry. I saw an opportunity to not just help other business owners, but to break out of the corporate world for good.

Over time it became clear that my skillset and perspectives around Entity and Schema were changing. I could see that the industry was failing to find solid and reliable information and knew that I could be part of the solution.

In 2018 I became a trainer and mentor for Schema, Entity and SEO. It’s honestly the most rewarding thing, helping others in our industry to find success and results that allow them to grow and help their own clients to succeed.

I’ve consulted with and written schema for some big companies, helping them correct issues on their websites that were preventing them from showing up in Google.

I’ve run high-level mastermind training groups and was able to leave the corporate world and operate my agency full-time, starting from nothing at all.

And I was the first to formally teach how Schema pertains specifically to SEO and Entities.

Voted Speaker of the Year - SEO Rockstars 2021
Voted Speaker of the Year - SEO Rockstars 2021
Daryl Osborne

Hi, I'm Clinton Dixson

I started my mentoring as a math tutor in grade 9 at high school, and was a counsellor at several hockey camps. But instead of becoming a teacher, I became an engineer. I discovered it really wasn’t my passion, and there was a limit to what I could earn in that field.

Then my wife and I had a baby on the way, and with my line of work, I knew that meant missing out on being able to join my kid on field trips, or coaching their hockey team, and now both of my kids are in hockey and I’m the head coach for both… and loving it! I just didn’t want to compromise anymore.

I have been building websites since 1997 so when I discovered affiliate marketing and SEO, it was a perfect fit for me. I’m an ultra competitive person. I love always looking for that edge on the rankings competition, and Schema Markup really got the ball rolling. It just made so much sense to me.

Over the years I created a name for myself in the digital world, from being active in SEO training groups, to now teaching digital marketing freelancers and small agencies how to lead the way in SEO.

I’ve taught over 1,000 freelancers, designers and assistants on topics of SEO and web design. That’s a lot of teaching!

Clinton Dixson

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