Why Entity SEO Training is Key for 2023 and Beyond!

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There is an often overlooked and misunderstood aspect of SEO that is essential to your success in 2023 and beyond; it is called entity-based SEO. Let's go over why entity SEO training is to your SEO success now and into the future.

We will do our best to explain in simple and easy to understand terms what is entity based SEO. We will see why Google likes it so much, how it affects your website, and how you can take advantage of it to rank higher and faster in Google results.

Let's start with the basics.

What is an entity?

We need to understand what an entity is in order to understand how it affects SEO, once we understand that we can focus on highly trusted techniques and methods to establish a brand online.

According to the dictionary and entity is something that exists as a distinct and discrete unit. If you look up the word entity in a legal dictionary, you will find that it includes both real beings and businesses that are "separated for tax purposes". While these definitions still don't answer our question, they do give us a base for understanding why Google chose the term entity.

The definition that Google itself gives of an entity is, something that is both singular and unique, something that is well-defined and also distinguishable. If we put this together with the previously mentioned definitions, it starts to make sense. An entity can be a famous person or a well-known brand. Essentially it comes down to trust, Google trusts entities.

Google Patent - Entities
Related Entities Patent Filed by Google LLC
John F Kennedy

Entity SEO training provides an understanding of what Google is doing with entity-based SEO to create algorithms that allow their systems to "understand" an entity in the way humans do. One of the most widely used examples is that of a president. We could use several modern examples, but to avoid offending anyone, we will use a president that was beloved by all, John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy is an entity, by all means, he is singular, he is unique, and he is also both well-defined and distinguishable. If you write John F. Kennedy in a Google search, Google recognizes who and what he is. The main results include a Wikipedia page and keywords like "president" and "Democrat".

Google also recognizes related entities. That is why high on the search results, you will find keywords such as "Marilyn Monroe" and a list of other presidents.

What we have said up until now doesn't seem very revolutionary, in fact, it is quite basic and elementary. The concept of entities is basically how we, as humans, see the world around us. Our brains automatically group and relate "entities" into categories.

So, why is this so "new"? Because Google doesn't use human minds, it uses computers, and computers don't group things together the way we humans do. Until recently, it was very difficult for them. They are, however, getting very good at it, and as a result, entities are taking on a very important role in Google's search algorithms.

How can we take advantage of entity-based SEO? There are several ways to do this, we can't let out all of our secrets in one article, but we will mention some very effective strategies. The most obvious is to become a recognized entity. It goes back to old fashioned branding. Once Google recognizes your brand as an entity, you will see amazing results.

We all know that branding takes time, and not many of us can afford to wait. So, will trying to brand your "entity" why not catch a hitch on a related entity? Google already recognizes hundreds of thousands of entities, as we illustrated above with the name of John F. Kennedy.

For example, find high ranking sites on a related entity and then work on link building. Also, when possible, write about high ranking entities. This will help you "hitch a ride" with other entities, taking advantage of Google's algorithm. When done right, this will catapult you into the "related entity" category, and you will get great results.

Conclusion: The importance of entity-based SEO should be obvious by now. It is obviously too important for Google to overlook or move on from. So, now is the time to concentrate on building your brand into a recognized entity.

For now, remember why entity-based SEO is key for 2021 and beyond!

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