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Presenting the Local Surge v2.0 Process Revamped for 2023

SEO is NOT Dead or Dying. The Evolution is Entities... Learn to Rank Multiple Branded Assets To Rise Above Your Competitors For Years

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Presented by Daryl Osborne SEO Rockstars Speaker of the Year 2021

Voted Speaker of the Year - SEO Rockstars 2021
Daryl Osborne

Develop a Brand of Authority Using Assets Often Ignored

Local Surge Gear

You may have heard about Entities, Schema Markup, & all the other SEO tricks…

Out on the internet by people who sell tactics that work one day and are gone the next leaving you wondering what you have to do to rank your business now or even worse, recovering your clients ranking after a Google search engine update…

The missing piece to ranking in any local area is this exclusive ranking method that has stood the test of time by knowing exactly how to swallow the rankings of the surrounding areas you want to rank for first.

Which leads to pushing your website up the SERPs and ultimately dominating the rankings for your main trophy keyword next leaving your competition wondering what on earth just happened.

Daryl Osborne, who was voted Speaker of the Year at SEO Rockstars 2021 and has developed a method that accomplishes this called

The “Local Surge”.

With a complete refresh and re-engineering of what's working in 2023 but still saying true to our core methods, the efficacy of the Local Surge is more potent than ever.

The Purpose of the Surge is to elevate the brand as a whole, across as many instances as possible utilizing all of the various possibilities available to us, through technology, and satisfying a query (aka topic/entity) better than any other single result or brand.  “A rising tide raises all ships”.

Come check out the unfair advantage you have been looking for to level up your SEO knowledge, SEO skill set, and SEO selling ability…

Hear What Our Members Say About Entity Elevation

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Learn to Capture Multiple Listings on a Single Google Search Result

In This Training You'll Learn:

  • What Entity SEO Actually Is
  • To Build Your Own Local Surge
  • Optimize a YouTube Video for Google Search
  • Important Elements to Optimize Your GMB

This training is not theoretical like most digital marketing trainings. You'll actually learn how to build your own "Local Surge" and all the steps to get started immediately.

Nearly everyone that has attended our trainings in the past have been surprised by how much actionable information we share. Check out the image below to see what you can accomplish with just 90 minutes of your time.

No PBNs, no paid backlinks, just smart entity-based seo

Ken Peluso says... Ive been putting a lot of work in on this one for some time. Things were slow going for a bit and then I paired up some CTR insights I got coupled with the updated "Surge". If you're here but haven't bought into Entity SEO.......

The Local Surge Can Get Results Like This:



Hi, I'm Daryl Osborne

Originally, I ran a successful IT company. Yeah, I was a techhead. But I got to work with the upper-tier IT support for a large public company. And you know what? It was really unfulfilling. I was heavily involved in other groups, working with some of the very best in the industry. I saw an opportunity to not just help other business owners, but to break out of the corporate world for good.

Over time it became clear that my skillset and perspectives around Entity and Schema were changing. I could see that the industry was failing to find solid and reliable information and knew that I could be part of the solution.

In 2018 I became a trainer and mentor for Schema, Entity and SEO. It’s honestly the most rewarding thing, helping others in our industry to find success and results that allow them to grow and help their own clients to succeed.

I’ve consulted with and written schema for some big companies, helping them correct issues on their websites that were preventing them from showing up in Google.

I’ve run high-level mastermind training groups and was able to leave the corporate world and operate my agency full-time, starting from nothing at all.

And I was the first to formally teach how Schema pertains specifically to SEO and Entities.

Voted Speaker of the Year - SEO Rockstars 2021
Voted Speaker of the Year - SEO Rockstars 2021
Daryl Osborne